Sweeping services

When you partner with Arizona Proclean Empire LLC to cover your sweeping needs you get access to our vast fleet of different sweepers including: regenerative air sweepers, vacuum sweepers, mechanical broom sweepers, and waterless and dustless sweepers.

From Shopping and residential parking lot to heavy construction sites, our sweepers can handle litter to heavy dirt – whether low clearance garage sweeping and scrubbing, you will find we have the right sweeper for you.

At Arizona Proclean Empire LLC you will find the most environmentally friendly sweepers available on the market. Whether your needs call for hydraulically powered, propane powered or PM10 certified to meet your city regulations; Arizona Proclean Empire LLC has an environmentally friendly solution to serve you.

When your litter control is done by Arizona Proclean Empire LLC rest assured the sweepings will be handled properly.


  1. Sweeping debris from turf
  1. Dethatching lawns
  1. Sweeping sand in pavers
  1. Cleaning sidewalks, driveways, parking lots & sports fields
  1. Construction site clean up


  1. 46” wide, 18” diameter brush
  1. Adjustable brush speed, pressure & angle
  1. Tight turning radius
  1. Commercial-grade 13HP Honda engine
  1. Controls at the operator’s position
  1. Friendly, free, expert support
  1. Made in the USA out of the highest-quality materials